Right from the pyramids of Egypt to the Burj Khalifa of Dubai, from the sumerian abacus to the current high speed supercomputers, technology has been advancing at an accelerating rate.The engineering community has revolutionized the world right from the way people cook to modern day locomotives. We connect the people to let their gearous brains run, electrify them with our mind boggling competitions. Thats what actually Tech-Utkarsh does.The persevering team of the tech event has left no stone unturned to gift each kind of engineer some thing to let the blood in his veins run faster.

  We are proud to announce that we gift the Saurashtra region with the latest version of , The TechUtkarsh 2012 with even better ideas and environment to let the engineerophobics to be the engineerophilics.We challenge all those machine makers to make their motors run faster, the coders to script better, the electrifiers to refuel themselves with better ideas and the builders to strenghthen their structures for the reason that the tide of TechUtkarsh might smear away your preparations.Be ready to inundate yourselves into the waters of innovation, because it is TechUtkarsh 2012, innovations redefined.


If you are not able to compete among the battling machines then you can also find your heaven here where you have got place to enjoy and compete.We have a place for peple who are not so aquainted with the technical feild, still they can be a part of the event.A handfull of technical events which would help you learn and enjoy from the event...

You might have seen a group of people with a lot of wires around and each having a laptop in the hand.The fingures running hard onthe keyboard and coding things to hell, where a layman might hardly get anything out of it.Yes they are the geeks, the gang of IT engineers.In the battleground of an IDE with the codes as weapons and compilers manipulating the war, the war can get really frustrating...

Rakesh Malaviya : 9725229697

   The most primitive branch of enginnering, the civil engineering; it has always constructed something that lets people shook their heads high in the sky and say,"Wow, now thats awesome".We here bring you here something that will test your civil engineering concepts.

   Even wondered how the world would be without electricity? Well every dinner would be a candle light dinner.The engineering that has brought power into the world and electrified people.Welcome to the group of transformers that will challenge your electrical engineering concepts!!

Prachal Jadeja: 9574466117
Shreyas Radadiya : 7600065840
This is the arena for people who have the gears of brain running, engines of heart pumping and the fuel running in the veins of them.They are mad for it and love to be among them to make something terrific out of the junkyard.The IC and Mechanical Engineers are the leaders of such people.Hold your nerves as they showcase their breathtaking skills...

Shreyas Radadiya : 7600065840

The flavour of engineering that has made life simple with the invention of a huge number of chips and electronic circuit boards.Well it takes a lot of brain to design,implement & troubleshoot any circuit which sometimes creates hell for a veteran of electronics.You think you good at it?think twice...

Dhruv Joshi : 8460839240

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